The best quality equipment at the right price

We offer a wide range of alarm systems to suit your needs.

Wired systems – Best for all scenarios – most secure way to protect your home or business and no need to replace any sensor batteries.  You can still keep the ability to set and unset wirelessly for convenience but, for the best possible security, all of these sensors are wired.

Wireless Systems – Better for home installs, reduces the need to drill holes etc and can be fitted relatively quickly hence a lower price but you will have to factor in future battery changes.

Why not give us a call and speak to one of our sales team who can talk you through the process and will recommend a system to suit you.

Best Quality Available

Best Value Guaranteed

Unrivalled Customer Support

Wirelessly Control Your Security

Use a key fob to set/unset your alarm from outside your front door. The Fob is also equipped with a panic button to give you that extra peace of mind.

Control Your Security through your Mobile

Included with all of our security systems is the ability to control your alarm system right from your mobile phone.  So if you’re outside and want to unset your system before you walk in, or if you’re on holidays and want to give a family member or friend access without having to give them a code you can.

Tie in Smoke, Heat and CO2 Detectors

We’ve moved into the era of multi-connected devices.  Why have separate systems when you can tie these all together. Why not ask our one of our sales team to explain the extra protection that a National Security alarm system can offer you?

24/7 Support Service

We offer all of our customers a 24/7 Support number for that extra peace of mind.  In most cases our engineers can assist you remotely, right away, so there’s no waiting for hours for an engineer to turn up.